Beer Tap Handles - Custom Kegerator Guiness Keg

Great beer tap handles really give life to a draft beer setup. To begin with, if you own a bar for instance, getting custom beer tap handles like a Guiness tap handle and other brands practically guarantees a huge spike in sales.

The reason that’s the case is because people recognize the logos and brand names instantly and it helps them make a quick, thinking-free purchasing decision. If you see a Blue Moon handle, you immediately think of the association with an orange slice. That orange slice is genius, just like the lime in Corona because it creates a strong mental picture that greatly influences people’s buying and consuming behavior.


beer tap handles              


Having sturdy keg tap handles is also important so that you can quickly replace kegs in your bar or at home when there’s a ton of people clamoring for some suds.

The other thing that handles lend your bar is an air of authenticity. Think about it, which looks better in your mind’s eye: a bar where all the handles are just generic silver knobs, or a bar where each beer that’s available is clearly laid for you and in front of your eyes?

I think most people would agree that the latter gives an establishment stronger credibility and makes a bar just feel more like a bar. The other thing is that people don’t want to engage in a 15 minute dialogue with the bartender just to find out what beers they have on tap. It’s a matter of professionalism and any bar that takes its business seriously gets branded tap handles.